Pastor’s Pen,

One of the greatest events that caused for celebration under King David’s reign was when the ark of God was to be brought to Jerusalem. The Bible says that in the eyes of some, David made a fool of himself publicly dancing, shouting, and singing to the Lord. He caused so much of a scene in the streets of the city that his wife decided she hated him for it. What was David’s response? 2 Samuel 6:21-22 says, “And I will celebrate before the Lord. I will make myself yet more undignified than this.” David essentially told his wife that he will bring even more embarrassment on himself if it means God will be praised in the process.

The next time you hesitate to celebrate what God’s done in your life, ask yourself this question: “Am I afraid of embarrassing God or myself?” One thing is absolutely certain: David didn’t care what other people thought. The celebration is a gift from God that allows us to focus our minds and hearts on what’s really important. A life of celebration is a life of thanksgiving.

Praise Him,

Bro. Kenny